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Friday, 5 December 2008

AD Refeed

Weight ... 63 (P)
Fat ... 35
% ... 19
Protein ... 50
% ... 12
Carb ... 293
% ... 69
Cals ... 1684

Today has been a very curious day. Here are the facts

(1) I was very hungry after eating oats, maple syrup and yogurt for meal #1, #2 and #3. It only seemed to last me about 2 hours

(2) I then had 1/2 a packet of licorice for meal #4 instead of the planned oats and felt slightly better (and managed to leave 1/2 a packet uneaten!)

(3) My muscles started hurting about 2pm today and got worse as the day went on (as in DOMs except if it was from my workout this morning it was hardly 'delayed')

(4) I stopped feeling hungry or even interested in food by about 4pm

(5) Was stuck in the hairdressers for 3 hours and got extremely, abnormally tired and sleepy

(6) Had a small chocolate on the way home

(7) Here's the kicker - I weighed 62.9kg when I got home and I never weigh less than my morning weight at this time of day (don't ask me how I know this ... )

(8) Had my version of nachos for dinner - rice crackers, sweet chilli sauce, cheese and light sour cream. I had to force myself to eat it. There is no danger of a binge if it involves more carbs. I am so looking forward to protein pancakes and peanut butter for breakfast.

(9) My muscles are harder but no bigger. If anything I look smaller and tighter. There is no obvious bloat.

What does this all mean?
Why did I feel better after high GI carbs than low ones?
Why did my appetite completely disappear for no reason?

I have some half baked idea that my body was busy this morning trying to break down complex carbs and stuff them into my muscles/glycogen stores. There was nothing left for normal food/fuel. I was hungry because I essentially hadn't eaten anything that wasn't hijacked by insulin and shunted off to my muscles.

The licorice was easily pushed straight into my muscles and by then I had basically had no usable fuel for 18 hours. Pretty much like a fast. By the time I got to 20 hours without decent fuel I then got sleepy or maybe it was a reaction to the sugar? But why wasn't I ravenous by the time I ate dinner if I had been starving myself all day?

It's all a huge mystery.

I am actually quite happy to not even bother in future and stick to my low carb diet - unless of course there is weight loss and/or favourable body recomposition as a result of today's experiment.

Or it could simply be I look better and weigh less because I lost my period induced bloat today. I await tomorrow's weigh in with interest.

PS: My hair looks fab!
PPS: Thank god today is over (am I weird??)

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