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Saturday, 6 December 2008

Photo Shoot Challenge - T - it's this Friday!

I am reserving the right as goddess of this blog to defer my official weekly weigh in until Monday morning due to yesterday's refeed.

I am going to give you a small preview though ...

This morning I weigh 62.5 kg and 15.7% body fat.
That means I have 9.81 kg of fat and 52.79 kg of LBM.

Compare that to the last time I weighed 62.5 kg when I was 20.3% BF
I had 12.68 kg of fat and 49.82 kg of LBM.

62.5 kg doesn't mean the same thing when I am almost 3 kilos of fat lighter and have more muscle.

My long term goal has always been to hit and maintain under 10kg of body fat but I haven't been taking that much notice of the BF% on the scales lately. So doing the sums today has made me feel quite proud of my accomplishment. I secretly suspected there was some major re-composition going on that wasn't reflected on the scales.

In other exciting news, one of my girls at work has been trying the low carb approach this week. She tried to emulate my competition diet when I was doing it but couldn't cope with counting calories and balancing protein and carbs. This time when she asked for help, I told her to eat anything she liked except starchy carbs. She weighed in this morning and after one week without counting calories or anything and she has lost 3 kilos! I am so pleased for her, I feel like a proud mother.

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