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Wednesday, 24 December 2008

BFFM Day 2 Carb Down

Exercise: 45 minute walk
Weight: 63.5
Feeling: Tiredness has gone but bloat has returned. I am all soft and squishy. I haven't been weighing myself because I had three 'episodes' of overeating last week but the scales are not too bad. I think TTOM is imminent. I won't beat myself up with the fact that I haven't lost any weight since I restarted my on plan eating (1 November) and instead rejoice that I haven't gained anything. For those of you who are confused by my goals (and I don't blame you because I get confused as well) I am happy with the amount of muscle I have gained in the last 6 months and just want to lean down to a sustainable weight that shows off my muscles. 57-58kg is the number I have in my head - you know, those last 5 kilos.

Check out the latest interview with my new boyfriend Tom over at I love his thoughts on accountability, and with that in mind, I commit to logging my food, exercise and weight every day no matter what happens.

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