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Friday, 26 December 2008

BFFM Day 4 Carb Up - It is a sad person who logs on Christmas Day

Not bad for a carb up and Christmas day. Carbs were oats, sugar free jam, sugar free ice cream, apple, sweet potato, a small chocolate, flavoured rice cakes and a WHITE bread roll at dinner last night. Targets were 1800 calories, 40g fat, 135g protein and 225g carbs so I did rather well I think.

Weight : 63.6
Training : ...

Change your Beliefs

I have always believed that being lean and muscled took hard work - watching what I ate and training hard in the gym. But I am thinking I can change those beliefs.

Of course I still need to eat healthy nutritious food in appropriate amounts and constantly overload my muscles for growth, but what if I believed it came easily?

Instead of thinking that I am not genetically designed to be an athlete and that I have a difficult time getting and staying lean, I am changing my beliefs from today.

Before: I have to fight every day to create and maintain the body I want
After: It is natural and normal to function as an athlete. I live a charmed life and health and fitness are part of my nature.

Before: I have to choose to be 'good' and miss out on delicious treats
After: Food is fuel and every thing I put into my body is transformed into the cells and tissues that I live within. I have respect for the body I have been blessed with and honour it with life-giving fuel.

Before: Hunger and pain are uncomfortable
After: Hunger is my body melting away my fat stores and pain is my muscles growing and strengthening. This is how I was designed to function. It is normal for me to experience these sensations which are simply a part of life.

What are some of the things you believe that make this journey difficult that could be made easier by simply changing your perspective?


  1. Katie it's not a sad person who logs Christmas day, it is someone who is dedicated to a healthy life and doesn't use the festive period as an excuse to gain 10kg and eat what the fuck they like.

    I love reading your blog because you are constantly looking at how you can do the very best you can by yourself.

    You're an amazing inspiration for us all.
    Merry Christmas beautiful lady.
    S X

  2. Hey Katie,

    I reckon BFFM is one of the best programs (but I still need accountability when tackling the hard tasks). I hope it works for you.



  3. Always the optimist you are Katie. That's what I love about you and your blog you always look at the glass half full.

    Lia xxx
    Eat Clean, Drink Water, Train Hard & Love Life! :o)

  4. Thanks for posting these. I printed up the before and afters and have stuck them up in my room.