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Monday, 22 December 2008

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Not a lot of blogging last week because I was in the midst of a relationship breakup.

The sexy, sweet talking Anabolic Diet and I encountered some issues and decided to go our separate ways. I’ll miss him, but he simply wore me out. I was more than happy to have reduced hunger, but the exhaustion was debilitating. I spent 4 days out of 7 dragging myself around and feeling miserable. I was so tired that I didn’t train for a whole week – all I could do in the morning was go back to bed and sleep.

I am now seeing someone else. He is not as exciting as AD but he is more moderate. I am going to give this one a try for one month and evaluate at the end of it. My new boyfriend is BFFM (Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle) and I am doing to low carb cycling option + bringing back cardio – YAY!! *sarcasm*

1400 calories/3 days low carb/p=45%:c=30%:f=24%
1800 calories/1 day high carb/p=30%:c=50%:f=20%

Lucky for me my first high carb day coincides with Christmas Day!

I have made a good start today.
Chest, Shoulders, Triceps and Abs + 15mins on elliptical and 15mins on treadmill.

Breakfast – oats + protein powder, SF maple syrup and milk

I feel so different already it is amazing. I am hoping to find the middle ground where energy is high and hunger is manageable. Moderation is such an elusive quality …


  1. Twas good while it lasted but as the saying goes "there's plenty more fish in the sea". Just use and abuse them one at a time till you find "the one" perfect for you sweetie.

  2. Well, best to have let that one go rather than hang on just for the sake of it!
    But, I'm trying to remember...what is you ultimate goal? To maintain where you are at-or lose fat/gain muscle? You've been through many changes over the last year & I'm getting old so my memory fails me-LOL!

  3. Here's hoping BFFM and you are the perfect match and you can stop sleeping around!! :)

    Keep us posted
    Shar x

  4. getting into bed with Tom isn't a bad proposition!

  5. Utter exhaustion isn't fun - energy on the other hand is awesome - I say the one that gives you the spark is the better boyfirend anyway!

  6. I love this program! I'm thinking when I can exercise again I might give it another go to lean out.
    Lets hope this is a long and lasting comfortable relationship for you!

  7. Katie I'd love to hear more about BFFM. Yes I can go to his website but what I'm interested in is someone who I know who's using his program and the pro's and con's about it. In all honesty I hadn't heard of it until you posted it on here. I probably had over the years but never paid any attention to it so I decided to pull my head out of the sand and start paying attention.

    Lia xxx
    Eat Clean, Drink Water, Train Hard & Love Life! :o)