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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

BFFM Day 16 Carb Up

Weight : 63.1 kg - ouch!
Training : a walk maybe
Week #1 target : 8 Jan ~ 62.0kg
Month #1 target : 29 Jan ~ 60.5kg

A huge weight spike from yesterday brought on my dental surgery and Indian takeaway for dinner.

Yesterday I had 4 extractions and 2 implants in my front teeth and I have swelling and stitches to prove it. As I couldn't chew anything last night I had a couple of small spring rolls, Indian rice and a fruit and nut naan. I had only eaten 800 calories prior to that so I estimating that the dinner was around 1,000. I am fairly sure I got assaulted ['asalted'] by the sodium monster.

Training will have to be a put on hold for a few days because (a) I look hideous (b) I am in a good deal of pain and (c) I don't want vampire like blood dripping down my chin while I'm in the gym ...

Shelley is on her way down to spend a couple of days with me. I hope I am a bit more energetic and more hostess like than I feel right now.


  1. Hope you are feeling better soon Miss Katie xxx

  2. Hi Katie,

    Hope you heal quickly!

    Asalted...... - funny!!!


  3. Sending you healing hugs.
    Deb x

  4. Ouch - I hate getting dental work done! so much pain and cost heaps. Hope you are feeling better soon. x