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Thursday, 15 January 2009

BFFM Day 24 Carb Up

Weight : 61.5 kg
Training : 6-12-25 assisted chinups/lat pull downs/seated rows : shoulder press/reverse lateral raises/side lateral raises + 20 steady state treadmill + 10 min stair climber
Time : 1 hour 22 min ~ Calories : 700 ~ AHR : 128 bpm
Month #1 target : 31 Jan ~ 60kg

Another great carb up with just a 100g spike. I think I have learnt the trick to increasing my carbs/calories - adding extra to standard meals rather than just eating crappy food by itself, avoiding wheat [although bran seems OK] and keeping the fat low.

Yesterday's treats were a bowl of muesli, sweet potato fries with sweet chilli sauce, and Snakata caramel pops [you have to try these - only 143 calories]. Everything else 'dirty' was the usual low carb/sugar versions of my treats [chocolate, maple syrup, ice cream].

On a sadder note, the inevitable boob shrinkage has begun ...

As I am still on holidays until Monday and a little bored, I might copy Shelley and photograph all my food today so you can see what I eat on a low carb day.


  1. Boo hoo to the boobies. $10K could have fixed that but at least you've got beautiful teeth and a fabulous smile.

    Scales = noice!

  2. haha I WISH my boobies would shrink. 30+kgs lost and they are still massive. I'll be paying $10K to fix mine when I'm done!!

    Yes please to the photos :)

  3. Thanks Katie, will have to have a look for those caramel pops!