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Thursday, 22 January 2009

BFFM Day 31 Carb Down - Cycle 8 Weigh In

Cycle 2 : Fat: 10.25 LBM: 52.25
Cycle 4 : Fat: 10.12 LBM: 51.58
Cycle 6 : Fat: 9.70 LBM: 51.70
Cycle 8 : Fat: 9.49 LBM: 52.11
diet details

From Tom : Interpreting your progress chart
Lean mass stays the same and body fat decreases - Fantastic! Your diet and exercise program is working as planned and you're on your way to reaching your goal. Don't change anything. Keep up the good work.

Training : 5 reps x 8 depletion training : incline chest press/bent over rows : skullcrushers/military press/BB curls : back extensions/lateral cable raises + 20 min SS run treadmill.
Time : 1 hour 25 min ~ Calories : 610 ~ AHR : 123 bpm (70%)

It is still quite difficult to get my head around losing body fat and not just scale weight. I guess the ultimate success would be to keep all your LBM and just lose fat which would only make for very slow number decreases on the scale.

Here's my other chart to show that even though sometimes it doesn't feel like it, I am EXACTLY where I should be. I guess I have to resign myself to staying in the 61's until the end of the month. Estimated arrival in the 60's is 3 Feb and the 59's 21 Feb.

I am also adjusting my training to take into account my energy fluctuations during my carb cycle.

Carb Up - depletion workout - 5 reps x 8 sets super sets
Day 1 - 6-12-25 training 2 body parts
Day 2 - 6-12-25 training 2 body parts
Day 3 - cardio only or rest

Now to eat my oats and start this carb up day! Boy do I need it!!

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  1. Awesome work Katie.

    I just had oats and crunch also - yum!