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Thursday, 22 January 2009

The Hunger Paradox Part 2

From The Body Fat Solution by Tom Venuto

Many dietitians and psychologist teach that you should eat when you’re hungry. If their intention is that you need to eat in response to real physical hunger, not emotional hunger, then I agree. However, if you interpret this literally as “Always eat every time you are physically hungry” then I don’t believe it’s good advice. What if you’ve already met your caloric allowance for the day but you’re still physically hungry?

If you want to get leaner, you must establish a caloric deficit, which means you’re probably going to be hungry sometime. If you respond to every slight sensation of physical hunger as a signal to eat, you may be cancelling your calorie deficit. I’m not talking about starvation diets that create ravenous hunger. I’m talking about maintaining a small caloric deficit, tolerating a little bit of occasional hunger and having some dietary restraint.

If a caloric deficit causes fat cells to shrink and if a little bit of hunger comes with a caloric deficit then why not change your perspective. It’s not hunger; it’s the feeling of fat cells shrinking!


  1. Awesome post Katie!

    I'm sending pocket rocket this link - thanks for putting it in writing for me.

  2. YEAH!! Shrink baby, Shrink!!
    Nice one to chant when I'm pondering my 'hunger'

    Shar x

  3. I think everyone who read this post screamed "SHRINK, SHRINK, SHRINK!" :)

    Love it.