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Friday, 23 January 2009

BFFM Day 32 Carb Up

Weight : 15.8% ~ 9.83/52.37 = 62.2 kg
Training : 6-12-25 assisted chinups/lat pulldowns/cable rows : DB chest press/pushups/flyes + 25 min elliptical 2:1 HITT
Time : 1 hour 17 min ~ Calories : 593 ~ AHR : 128 bpm (73%)
Month #1 target : 31 Jan : 14.9% ~ 9.10/52.0 = 61.1 kg

I consciously increased my carbs and calories yesterday in the hope that I might not run out of 'puff' so quickly on my 3 carb down days. Everything extra was clean complex carbs except 50g licorice bullets and 20ml of BBQ sauce. I kept a close eye on my sodium and fat. I ate oats, rice puffs, sweet potato, apple, and cereal. I actually had trouble fitting it all in because I had such a full tummy.

I should have added yesterday the body fat comparison from last year - I was roughly carrying the same amount of fat and less LBM on 9 March which puts me over a month ahead of last year's progress. Are you sick of all my charts and numbers? I love them, they make me feel safe.


  1. Nice carb up lovely.

    I love your charts. Safe is good.

  2. Loving the charts Katie!! I wish I knew how to get all (yes I have multiple charts!) mine onto blogger.

    Keep um coming I say.

    Shar x

  3. Hi katie,
    I dont know if i have ever introduced myself to you??
    I love your blogs and love your charts.....
    You are doing great,


  4. Leeanne11:33 am

    Me too, love that you put it all in charts its great.

  5. I also love the charts. They rock.