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Sunday, 18 January 2009

Monkey Madness

Your body is an animal, an intelligent and very sensitive ape, which has this amazing mind living in it. Sometimes these two aspects, body and mind, can be very separate. Even worse, some people disdain or dislike their body. This can have a terrible physical effect.

From the body's point of view, it is like living with a constantly disapproving adult. Children and animals wither in this kind of company and become defensive, resentful and victimized. A disapproving adult is a recipe for tension and anxiety.

This is precisely what happens in your own body if you do not appreciate it and care for it. The monkey creature which is your biological body will feel disliked and alienated. Ignored and rejected by its own mind, the body automatically tenses, It lives in a state of subtle but ongoing fear and produces stress hormones. Frozen, it is unable to feel the positive vitality of life in and around you.

To maintain its health and well being, its vitality and its feelgood, your body requires some of your attention.

What is your relationship with the animal that is your body? Do you like it? Do you care for it? Do you give it affectionate attention? In fact, do you have any awareness at all that your moods and thoughts anchor down into your physical body and generate health?

If you mental attitude to your body is detached, frigid, utilitarian, stoic, embarrassed, ashamed, resentful or harsh in any other way, this sends an ongoing signal of disapproval and alienation into the body. This in turn causes ongoing tension and perpetual anxiety.

You mind should give your body warmth, affection, encouragement, love, enthusiasm, care and extended authentic positive attention.

Ecologically, your physical body is the major environment in which your mind lives. You mind therefore needs to care for for it in an environmentally friendly way. Food and exercise are important, as is the attitude that you direct towards it.

Remember that the nearest living creature for you to look after is your own body, the naked ape

William Bloom "The Endorphin Effect"

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