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Monday, 23 February 2009

The Drinking Game

After all this time I still hate drinking plain water. I don’t do much better with cordial either. The only thing I want to drink is tea and Diet Coke.

In order to get more water down me I have devised a drinking game.

A small glass of water (like a spirit glass? maybe 200ml) must be sculled (drunk down in one go) before or after the following events …

~ eating
~ going outside for ‘fresh air’
~ opening a can of DC or making a cup of tea

~ going to the bathroom (doing it before is not an option because I am usually busting!)

The idea is to hook the act of drinking a small glass of water to a biological need. You won’t forget to eat, drink, smoke or pee so eventually it will become a habit to want to drink a glass of water every time one of those biological urges occurs.

So far, so good although I do feel like I’m sloshing …


  1. Hi just a thought, what about adding lemon to your jug of water. It helps with metabolism aswell.

  2. Ah, the memory of drinking games! Only It wasn't water I was skulling!