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Monday, 16 February 2009

No Problems

Weight : 15.9% ~ 9.56/50.54 = 60.1 kg
Temperature = 36.1
Training : 12-8-10-6 - leg extension/walking lunges : single leg curls/single calf raises : smith machine squats/DB deadlift + 20 min treadmill walk
Time : 1 hour 30 min ~ Calories : 654 ~ AHR : 124 bpm (70%)
Next target : 27 Feb : 13.6% ~ 8.11/51.49 = 59.6 kg

My blog is getting boring. It is all very well for someone to blog their food and weight if there is DRAMA involved - "my weight has gone up 3 kilos for no reason" or "I inhaled 12 Krispy Kreme donuts yesterday" but when things go merrily along it is somewhat repetitive and tedious.

It is not easy, but I am doing it. Don't think that just because I am slowly getting leaner and haven't binged for over 2 months that this is painless and enjoyable. Don't imagine that I don't have to drag my arse to the gym and end up feeling nauseous and exhausted.

It is fucking hard work.

I am just like you, I fight the Mad Monkey every single day. But this is what I signed up for and I will never give up even though some days I desperately want to.


  1. Hearin' ya and in agreeance!

  2. Katie, not binging in two months is a great achievement. THAT isn't boring. Keep it up!

  3. Very well said Katie!

  4. I don't think you're boring... seems like MM is out in full force!