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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Hello Fifties

Weight : 15.1% ~ 9.04/50.86 = 59.9 kg
Training : 12-10-8-6 - side raises/rear delt raises : standing smith military press : upright rows/incline side raises + 25 min interval treadmill
Time : 1 hour 16 min ~ Calories : 591 ~ AHR : 129 bpm (73%)
Next target : 27 Feb : 13.6% ~ 8.11/51.49 = 59.6 kg

I've broken through into the 50's. It is my intention never ever to see the 60's again. We have lived together for most of the past 4 years but the relationship is officially over. This time, I will not be taking him back when he tries to seduce me with his comfortable, carefree ways.

"Goodbye 60's - you were an improvement on the 70's and far more attractive than the 80's but it is time to move on for good. I know the 50's are demanding and challenging, but I am never going to settle for second best. Thanks for the good times. You'll be OK - there are plenty of girls just waiting to welcome you with open arms. Bye!"


  1. Woo hoo! Big hugs.

    If you're finished with him I'll have him but only if he goes low, low, low! (you smiling?)

  2. Great work Katie :)

  3. Fabulous work! I'll look after him too... when I finally get there!

  4. You little rippa! Fantastic HARD continuous work Katie.

  5. NICE WORK!!

    I absolutely love the way you looked at that, it is also my intention to say goodbye to each 5kg's that I shed and never see them again.

    Great post

  6. YeeHa - awesome!!

  7. That is the best news Katie!!! Stupid 60's!! you will never have to deal with that crap again ;o) xxx

  8. Oh what a feeling...50's! Congrats KatieP on your dedication.