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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

YeeHa - Awesome!

Weight : 14.9% ~ 8.93/50.97 = 59.9 kg
Training : 12-10-8-6 - DB incline press : BB incline press : pec dec : tricep rope pushdowns : french curls/bicep curls + 20 min intervals elliptical, 10 min SS run treadmill
Time : 1 hour 36 min ~ Calories : 621 ~ AHR : 118 bpm (67%)
Next target : 27 Feb : 13.6% ~ 8.11/51.49 = 59.6 kg

Normal people don't get up at 5am so they can train for an hour and a half. Normal people don't weigh and log their food. Normal people don't spend more on vitamins and supplements than they do on their wardrobe. Normal people don't look forward to a decent poop because they know they will weigh less on the scales.

But normal people don't have strong lean muscles, visible hip bones and a heart that can run for 10 minutes at 150 bpm without hardly raising a sweat. So 'no thanks' to being normal - I am an athlete.


  1. And a mighty fine example of one!

  2. Hey Katie, I had to laugh when i read the bottom half of ur post. I was like...... shit I am not normal!! OMG!!! haha we may not be normal, but we are not alone either ;o)

    Have a great day xx

  3. seems pretty normal to me!!! LOL!!
    Wohoo on the 14.9% yes you are an awesome athlete!!

  4. haha So true! great post I am always thrilled with a good poop!

  5. Leeanne8:45 pm

    Normal people I am sure don't love the feeling of not being able to walk down stairs because there leg muscles are so sore !!! I love it.
    Plus yeah I agree about the decent poop comment so funny !!!

  6. ummmm.... I thought that was normal? Tis for me anyway!!!

  7. Love it!

    normal people; I call the civilians.