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Thursday, 19 February 2009

We may not be normal, but we are not alone

Weight : 14.3% ~ 8.55/51.25 = 59.8 kg
Training : 5 x 8 - lat pull down : V pull down : one arm row/dumbbell pullovers : back extensions/rear delt machine + 10 min half arsed cardio
Time : 1 hour 25 min ~ Calories : 442 ~ AHR : 106 bpm (60%)
Next target : 27 Feb : 13.6% ~ 8.11/51.49 = 59.6 kg

As I sit here eating my protein pancakes with maple syrup and ice cream, I can't quite believe that I have dropped 400g of scale weight, 600g of body fat and my BF% has dropped almost 1% in the last 4 days.

Although I get quite hungry, and although I get tired and cranky, it is almost beyond comprehension that I get a day off from the hard core dieting every 4th day. The interesting thing is that I am pretty much not interested in all the chocolate/lollies I was having on my high carb day so today I am just focusing on eating more filling meals.

The rain has stopped and the sun is out, my rings are falling off and all is right with the world.


  1. Can't wait to see you next weekend looking lean and mean.

  2. kicking arse girl!!!!

  3. Anonymous10:25 am

    YAY YOU!!! Katie - I can SEE your changes, you are going fabulously!!! Bring it!