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Monday, 30 March 2009

100 grams

Gaining 100g on the scales and forgetting to set my alarm and missing my training this morning has got me in a cranky mood. Totally irrational I know but the truth none the less.

The end.


  1. Hi Katie, wondering if you could help me I have the new rules of lifting for women and was going to follow the program however I am a bit confused. It says to do 2 bonus workouts at the end. Does he mean one bonus workout for A and the bonus workout for B. If you understand these workouts more than me would you mind explaining to me Much appreciated.

  2. Just love reading your blog Katie. So informative! Did you have any trouble getting the e-book of Burn the Fat? Cant seem to get it through? Trudsx

  3. Cranky moods must be going around.

    Hope tomorrow's better for you.