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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

BFFM Cycle 18 Weigh In - 74 Days

Cycle 2 : Fat: 10.25 LBM: 52.25
Cycle 4 : Fat: 10.12 LBM: 51.58
Cycle 6 : Fat: 9.70 LBM: 51.70
Cycle 8 : Fat: 9.49 LBM: 52.11
Cycle 10 : Fat: 9.18 LBM: 52.2
Cycle 12 : Fat: 9.32 LBM: 51.58
Cycle 14 : Fat: 9.15 LBM: 51.05
Cycle 16 : Fat: 8.91 LBM: 50.89
Cycle 18 : Fat: 8.48 LBM: 51.22

diet details

Training : Advanced Figure Training (A) + 10 min sprint intervals
Time : 1 hour 18 min ~ Calories : 517 ~ AHR : 119 bpm (68%)
Next target : 3 April : 11.8% ~ 6.80/50.8 = 57.6 kg

Undeserved spike this morning *sigh*. But as long as I am steadily losing fat each week (8 days) I am making progress. The squeaky annoying voice in my head keeps telling me I need to go 'hard core' and start dropping weight more quickly but the sane voice reminds me that there will always be other competitions and I am not willing to suffer months of post-comp bingeing because I switched on starvation brain.

I also read a great post from Jen yesterday regarding the whole 'food for fuel' thing.

Earlier this week, a co-worker was going on (and on, and on) about how he sees food as fuel and doesn't really care that much about eating. For a second, I thought, "wow, wouldn't that be nice," but then I thought how sad it really would be.

Food as fuel, if you're taking it literally, means it doesn't matter what you eat as long as it sustains your energy and is relatively nutritious. Enjoying fixing and eating a nice meal would go out the window. The satisfaction I feel when I find a really terrific restaurant where the cook put some thought and care into food preparation -- gone.

I love food and want to enjoy it. Though I've spent a lot of time dieting, one good thing it did for me was to break me out of my food ruts. I found a lot of great new recipes in my healthy food cookbooks, and I finally learned to love vegetables. It's been a revelation to me. But I found these new things because of my love of food, not despite it.

Do you adore the smell, taste and texture of food and look forward to each meal or have you decided that food is merely 'fuel' and just eat without much enjoyment or delight??


  1. Thanks for the link. Your profile picture is amazing. See, I would expect that you'd be one of those "food as fuel" people with a body like that!

  2. Hi Jen
    I can't imagine thinking food is just fuel - it is one of life's pleasures and I am happy to say I eat chocolate and ice-cream (low sugar versions) every single day. If I don't have my treats then I just end up in the land of binge.

  3. I love to eat and prepare!
    The food for fuel thing is exactly what "chicken tuna" talks about- she makes a good point-but-I don't desire to be 7% bodyfat-just healthy and fit! And to me-healthy and fit means balance and enjoying your food-and bench pressing your own body-weight at the same time-LOL