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Saturday, 25 April 2009

I Deadlifted My Bodyweight

Today I was cursing the public holiday gods who had decreed that the gym should not open until 1pm. I sat around all morning just waiting to train.

In that time I ingested 2 meals that delivered 78g carbs. I think the public holiday gods did me a favour because having the extra fuel in my system meant I smashed it in the gym hitting a personal best of 60kg on my deadlifts for 6 reps and 3 sets.

<- this is my new superhero 'Inertia' who has my dream body without unfeasibly large titties.

In other news, my husband has the shits with me because I choose not to eat out at the moment. He has gone to the pub on his own to sulk in his chicken parmigiana. Oh well ...


  1. noice work on the deadlift Katie!!

  2. Go Katie! You never fail to amaze me.
    Dont worry about hubby...mine wasnt happy either when I opted to stay home instead of going to YumCha with him & friends.
    Ahh,yeh, yeh yeh what to do?! Trudsx