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Saturday, 16 May 2009

14 Days to Glory - Day 13

From lunch time today I cut out water except for sipping. I expect to be very thirsty.

The KatieP Acceptance Speech

When I am handed my trophy on Sunday I will be making an acceptance speech. In my opinion, it should be like the Oscar's because if I'm going to be lumbered with given an ugly stylish statue I should be entitled to a speech.

Actually, even if by some freakish circumstances the judges are unmoved by my stunning body and endearing personality, I'm going to have the speech and my BYO tiara ready just in case.


First of all I would like to thank my partner in crime, best friend and inspiration, Miss Shelley S. Without her encouragement, support and sense of humour I would not have made it to the stage. Shelley taught me the most important skills of a figure competitor - how to turn a pancake using the lid of the frying pan, the psychological value of Skinny Cow icecream, how to deadlift, and to never ever give up. Shelley has provided 'interventions' when necessary and tough love when I was a sooky baby. I could never thank her enough ~ I love her so much I would marry her if I wasn't straight and already married.

I would like to thank my physique coach, cardio buddy and warrior princess Miss Tank-Fern. Seeing her gorgeous face in the early mornings at the gym and her kind words have helped me enormously when the going got tough. Fern has taught me that you can be stronger than you think, both physically and mentally, and that scale weight doesn't matter. She also reminded me that other things in life beside competing matter as well, and that you can find a way to do this mad thing sanely. Thank you Fern, you were an angel sent from heaven when I needed you most. I shall miss you desperately.

My husband, once again, deserves my heartfelt thanks. This time, he not only had to put up with me weighing and measuring every morsel of food and quoting scale numbers morning, noon, and night, he got double trouble when Shelley came to visit. Mr KatieP never complained about being outnumbered by two noisy, obsessed, crazy women, he was just happy that I had found friendship and a kindred spirit. Mr Katie knows how much I love him, and knows that I know how happy he is that he didn't have to endure the days leading up to comp this time.

The ladies of the Blogosphere who have followed my journey deserve my gratitude as well. Being accountable to the world kept me on track, made me feel less alone and not so much of a freak. Knowing you are watching makes me want to do this for all of us.

Finally, I thank the Universe. The strength, courage and determination I have mustered when things have got tough, and the immeasurable joy and sense of accomplishment I have experienced this year have not come from within myself. I believe that by opening up my heart and trusting my instincts, I have allowed a little of the magnificence of the Universe to seep into my soul. I can barely imagine the possibilities the future will bring if I have come this far by taking such a small tentative first step.

I am following my Personal Legend, I am learning and growing each and every day, I am living the life of my dreams. Whether it is through luck, pigheadness or divine intervention - I am eternally thankful.


  1. Sleep well tonite!! See you tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Good luck for tomorrow. I have followed your journey and you have done an awesome job. xxx

  3. Awesome post! It made me all teary eyed, i am so happy for you! I will see you there! I can't wait!

  4. ps I will be the spastic one with the american accent :P

  5. I loved your post. All the best for tomorrow!!