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Sunday, 17 May 2009

14 Days to Glory - Day 14 - IT'S SHOWTIME

All glammed up and ready to go.

Final dehydrated weigh in -
2009 - 54.9kg/11.3% = 6.2/48.7
compared to last year -
2008 - 54.8kg/11.4% = 6.25/48.55

See you on the other side.

Thank you to everyone who has taken this ride with me one more time.

It's going to be a spectacular day --- and it's going to be FUN!

If you're there (INBA Brisbane Titles) - I'm in the Figure Masters 40+ scheduled to commence at 12:20pm. Look for the blonde in the green bikini - #54.

Don't forget to check back for ongoing updates on Twitter.

♥ you all ~ Katie xxxx


  1. Dear katie, like I just said to Shelley, enjoy every second of today!! This is your day!

    See you soon! xxx

  2. OMG it's finally here. Good luck and enjoy your big day, see you on the other side. x

  3. Its ben great following your honest and entertaining ride to the comp.

    Enjoy YOUR day!!
    Shar x

  4. Katie you looked gorgeous! It was so great meeting you! :D