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Friday, 8 May 2009

14 Days to Glory - Day 5 - UD 2.0 Week Three Weigh In

Hello 56's at last!

I am very happy with today's weigh in - another LWE [lowest weight ever]. Not so happy with my hormones though. This is now my second period in a row that has come 2 weeks after the previous one. That equals 3 periods in the last 6 weeks. What is that all about? Last time they stopped altogether ... this time - double!

Random Shit

  1. I have managed to insert my tracking spreadsheet at the top of the page so it should now just update automatically instead of me having to cut and paste it each morning. I will do a final cut and paste at the end of each week so I have a record for the future. Now I don't have to worry about all that carry on while I am in Brisbane.

  2. It is my last day of work today until after the comp - thank god! It is so difficult to be focused on all the dramas when your stomach is rumbling constantly.

  3. I think I have solved the mystery of why I hate drinking water - it is vile Sydney tap water that makes me feel sick. If I drink filtered water at work, or water out of the kettle after it's been boiled I am good.

  4. I am having a higher calories/carb day today to compensate for missing this week's re-feed. Even limiting myself to 100g of carbs today, I managed to squeeze in oats and powder for breakfast. God I love oats!


  1. Hey Katie! Get yourself a Brita jug for the fridge - only about $20 from Coles and you can have cold filtered water all the time

  2. Hi Miss K,
    Just wanted to pat you on the back, your doing such a great job!
    I can't drink tap water, I have one of those neverfail water things on the stand at home, Cold water nice water 24/7.
    I love oats too!