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Thursday, 4 June 2009

Get Paid to Lose Fat - Burn to Earn

This is not a late night TV advertisement or some pyramid selling scheme - this is the real deal.

Imagine that you are on a fully supported fat loss program with daily email accountability and feedback, and for every oz or gram that you lose in a month, your following month's fees are reduced. The harder you work, the less you have to pay.

Do you think that might give you added incentive to stick to your program? A little bit of extra motivation to do the very best you can?

How many times have you said - I wish I had a dollar for every kilo I've lost over the years? Well this is one way to make that wish a reality.

Giving you a financial incentive to lose fat is now a new feature built into to every Fat Loss Coaching 4 week nutrition or nutrition+training program. It is called the 'Burn to Earn' feature.

Weight loss is calculated by deducting your finishing weight from your starting weight on a weekly basis (a fresh start each week). The result is expressed in a percentage (like the Biggest Loser do to make it fair for everyone).

Start EndLoss
Fat Loss %


As most people lose around 1-2% of their body weight a week, it is not a huge saving potential, so on the Fat Loss Coaching 4 week programs, I will DOUBLE your percentage (and round up) to arrive at your discount. So this successful person would receive 13.75 14% off their next month's coaching fees - a saving of $49 on the nutrition program.

For everyone who joins the 4 week nutrition or 4 week nutrition+training program before 30 June 2009 [including existing clients] I will TRIPLE the weight loss percentage you achieve in your first month and take that amount off the fees for your second month - in this example 20.61 21% - a saving of $73.50 .

It will only cost you $11.30 a day to start your journey to the body you've always imagined. That is less than you spend on a coffee and snacks during the day, a couple of wines at night, or your lunch from a takeaway.

And the success you achieve in the first month will make that amount even less for the next month.

You still get all the features of the individual tailored made program.

  • help with setting and achieving your goals, overcoming set backs, and silencing the ‘mad monkey’
  • advice on a nutritional strategy that will suit your individual likes and needs
  • daily monitoring of your caloric intake with specific feedback as required
  • weekly weigh ins including measurements and photos
  • feedback on what your results mean and how to make adjustments
  • daily email contact
  • tough love when you need it
  • personalised training program (if requested)
  • feedback on your chosen training routine

Sign up before the end of this month to take advantage of the TRIPLE BURN TO EARN OFFER. Remember that the DOUBLE offer is now a permanent part of the both the 4 week block programs.

Imagine how you'll feel in 8 weeks when you are significantly leaner.

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