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Monday, 3 August 2009

100 Day Challenge - Day 92 - Prepare to Walk the Plank

Think of all the times in your life that you can remember vividly. They are usually times when you were did something for the first time, you achieved something that was hard to accomplish or you connected with someone else with heightened emotions (pleasant and unpleasant).

We remember our first day at school, our first date, completing a marathon, standing on a figure contest stage, fitting into a size 8, our wedding day, the birth of our first child and the death of someone we loved.

Make this journey memorable
In order to make this particular 100 day journey remarkable and memorable, I am going to challenge myself to do one thing out of my comfort zone every 10 days. I acknowledge that this is scary and confronting so there is no pressure on anyone to follow my example. This activity will be known as 'walking the plank'.

If you are brave enough to come along with me, then you can share your experience or choose to keep it private. All I am asking right now is that you think about what things you could do in the next 90 days that will have significance for you.

They don't have to be momentous, earth shattering moments, just small punctuation marks in your life.

How will you remember this time of your life?
Here are some ideas to get your imagination firing.

During the Skinny Bones 100 Day Challenge I ...
  • ... wore shorts for the first time in public
  • ... wore a crop top without a singlet at the gym for the first time
  • ... completed a 5km fun run
  • ... got my belly button pierced
  • ... talked to my sister after 2 years of silence
  • ... handed in my resignation
  • ... sang in public
  • ... finished my degree
  • ... finally walked away
  • ... said what I really thought
Taking Action
This 100 Day Challenge is not about weight loss or muscle size. It is about taking action. And every time you choose to act in a way that improves your sense of self worth and respect, the momentum builds and your confidence grows.

Use that sense of empowerment you are experiencing right now to start confronting the hard stuff. Take advantage of the unique energy that comes from more than 30 women collectively working on the same shared hopes and dreams. For the next 92 days you are part of a huge, powerful family who will support you, encourage you, and be there to catch you if you fall.

Prepare to move beyond ordinary into extraordinary -- prepare to walk the plank.

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  1. Great stuff, I agree you need to get out of your comfort zone from time to time.

  2. ooh Katie that sent shivers down my spine! Could be the freezing morning air.. but still :) I am excited.

  3. Oh hey how do I get my name on the bone tracker? I has 10 bones, I used one, my bonus from the Joes Goals :S

  4. @Emmett - thank you
    @Tea - so glad you are excited (and got on the bone tracker)