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Monday, 21 September 2009

What Would I Like Instead?

Following on from yesterday's post listing my past issues [my 'away from' motivation], this post is to document what would like instead. This is my 'towards' motivation. This is my dream.

I am easily and effortlessly ...
  • eating three main meals a day at roughly the same times, with an afternoon snack and occasional dessert
  • eating food that tastes good while I eat it and continues to make me feel good over time without worrying too much about calories, carbs, fat or protein content
  • eating only when I am hungry 
  • seeing food primarily as a source of energy and health
  • eating appropriate portions of food that keep me satisfied until the next meal
  • varying my intake to my level of activity
  • self correcting when I overindulge by either waiting until I'm truly hungry again or making lighter choices at the next meal
  • eating whatever I feel like at restaurants, social occasions and celebrations while considering how my choices will make me feel at the end of that day
  • using mistakes as an opportunity to learn by thinking through how I will do things differently next time
  • recognising and understanding the feedback my body gives me both before and after eating
  • calm and relaxed around food knowing that cake eaten with love beats carrots eaten with stress
  • taking great care of myself
  • exercising only to enjoy the vitality and energy it gives me
  • enjoying a fully functioning digestive system that makes the optimal use of my food and eliminates the toxins
  • taking time for personal hygiene/grooming every day
  • recording my behaviours, thoughts and circumstances so I can repeat my successes and overcome my triggers
  • accepting that I am beautiful, talented, giving and loved because of who I am not how I look
  • thankful that I have a strong, functioning body that enables me to interact with the world
  • measuring my progress by how I feel rather than a number on a machine
  • wearing clothes that fit perfectly, suit my shape, express my personality and make me feel great
  • trusting my instincts and my self awareness to tell me what food and exercise will nurture inner peace and joy
  • spending more time with my husband and friends without worrying about what they are eating
  • living an authentic life
  • transforming and evolving to become my best self because this is my destiny
  • attracting positive thoughts, happiness and limitless opportunites for growth and development into my life
  • practicing new ways to re-new my mind, body and spirit
  • aligning my thoughts, habits, beliefs, values, and intentions to achieve wholeness
  • making continuous improvements
  • re-connecting to my divine nature
  • grateful for the journey so far
  • going to bed at night contented and happy and waking each morning excited by the adventure of simply living
The best thing is that all of these amazing things are not just going to become reality one day in the future, they are my reality now. All I have done is change my perspective, re-set my internal compass and each day is truly wonderful already.

Instead of spending time and energy chasing away the darkness, it feels like I have simply switched on the light. Although it feel like a miracle and I don't understand it (like I don't understand electricity) and I have been worried that the changes wouldn't last, I now realise that the only way the darkness can return is if I switch off the light again. It has just occurred to me that I only need the light on to get through the night because soon the sun will rise and turn the darkness into a distant memory that exists only in the past.

I have honestly never felt better in my life -- I am happier than any scale number could ever make me, I am full of joy that outstrips the feeling of being too small for my jeans, and prouder than I have ever felt standing on stage in the best physical shape of my life.

It is like I have been wearing a pair of high heels one size too small all day, and I have finally kicked them off. Those shoes are going in the bin!!

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