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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

What Has Changed in Three Short Weeks?

The program I am on [Naturally Slender Living] is half way through and our homework is to document the changes that have occurred over the past weeks. As I was a late starter my changes have only occurred over the past 3 weeks. I thought I would post them here as well as on the forum.

Here's what's GONE

  • weighing all food (including egg whites, lettuce and diet cordial) and adjusting portions to be exactly the right amount (that extra gram of pumpkin had to go back in the container)
  • having food scales at home and in my handbag in case I eat out and don't know the weight of the food
  • recording everything in a online calorie counter including the calories in diet soda and fish oil tablets
  • feeling anxious and upset if I didn't have internet access to check my calorie totals
  • pre-determining what to eat for the day and then printing it out and ticking it off so there was no deviation
  • taking all my food with me all the time in multiple tupperware containers
  • not allowing anyone a taste of my food because it is measured perfectly and I needed every bit of it
  • scraping every last morsel out of the container or licking it clean
  • restricting fruit and vegetables based on their carbohydrate content
  • restricting food based on its sodium content
  • scheduling activities around eating sessions - couldn't go to an event if it prevented me from eating on time
  • eating was the main highlight of my day
  • never eating the same food as my partner/friends
  • the success of my day was measured by the food I ate - good day = ate according to the diet; bad day = ate something I hadn't planned 
  • food/cooking/meals was all I thought about and talked about
  • never being full - either eating and still being hungry or bingeing beyond the point of fullness
  • taking large amounts of expensive supplements ranging from vitamins to fatburners to creatine
  • eating large quantities of 'calorie free' food like green vegetables, miracle noodles, psyllium/bran
  • exercising until a precise number of calories had been burned
  • exercising when I was sick, sore or instead of sleeping
  • wearing my heart rate monitor when I went for a walk longer than 10 minutes
  • constant physical muscle pain (DOMS) and joint pain making every day activity difficult
  • spending all weekend in my gym clothes and sneakers because I never went out anywhere other than the gym and the supermarket
  • chronic constipation and gas
  • avoiding social situations where food was present
  • constantly scouring the internet for the latest diet and latest training method
  • calling myself a 'fat pig' in my head
  • weighing myself multiple times a day - when I first got up, after going to the bathroom, when I got home from work, before I went to bed
  • throwing food in the bin so that I wouldn't eat it and then taking it out later
  • asking my husband to hide food so I couldn't find it
  • eating until I was so stuffed I couldn't sleep, I had night sweats and my face, fingers and ankles became severely swollen
  • always vowing to start afresh each morning, each Monday, each first day of the month
  • going to bed early because the only thing I had to look forward to was a lower number on the scales the following morning and breakfast
  • crying because of a number on the scale or not being able to fit into my clothes
  • avoiding being with my husband because he would want to eat food I couldn't have in front of me
  • not being able to leave the house because I needed to be near the toilet when the laxatives and diuretics kicked in
  • using colonics as a weight loss strategy
  • looking at pictures of steriod using figure girls on stage and feeling inadequate for not looking like them

Here is what's ARRIVED

  • eating three main meals a day at roughly the same times, with an afternoon snack and occasional dessert
  • eating food that tastes good while I eat it and continues to make me feel good over time without worrying too much about calories, carbs, fat or protein content
  • eating only when I am hungry 
  • seeing food primarily as a source of energy and health
  • eating appropriate portions of food that keep me satisfied until the next meal
  • varying my intake to my level of activity
  • self correcting when I overindulge by either waiting until I'm truly hungry again or making lighter choices at the next meal
  • eating whatever I feel like at restaurants, social occasions and celebrations while considering how my choices will make me feel at the end of that day
  • using mistakes as an opportunity to learn by thinking through how I will do things differently next time
  • recognising and understanding the feedback my body gives me both before and after eating
  • calm and relaxed around food knowing that cake eaten with love beats carrots eaten with stress
  • taking great care of myself
  • exercising only to enjoy the vitality and energy it gives me
  • enjoying a fully functioning digestive system that makes the optimal use of my food and eliminates the toxins
  • taking time for personal hygiene/grooming every day
  • recording my behaviours, thoughts and circumstances so I can repeat my successes and overcome my triggers
  • accepting that I am beautiful, talented, giving and loved because of who I am not how I look
  • thankful that I have a strong, functioning body that enables me to interact with the world
  • measuring my progress by how I feel rather than a number on a machine
  • wearing clothes that fit perfectly, suit my shape, express my personality and make me feel great
  • trusting my instincts and my self awareness to tell me what food and exercise will nurture inner peace and joy
  • spending more time with my husband and friends without worrying about what they are eating
  • living an authentic life
  • transforming and evolving to become my best self because this is my destiny
  • attracting positive thoughts, happiness and limitless opportunites for growth and development into my life
  • practicing new ways to re-new my mind, body and spirit
  • aligning my thoughts, habits, beliefs, values, and intentions to achieve wholeness
  • making continuous improvements
  • re-connecting to my divine nature
  • grateful for the journey so far
  • going to bed at night contented and happy and waking each morning excited by the adventure of simply living
Pretty fucking good huh?



  2. Great changes there Katie! Glad you're feeling so in control again.

  3. Absolutely fantastic, sounds like a surreal dream. But would you say it is possible to get to all these benefits WITHOUT going through all the control-freaky, tough parts first? I am truly interested.

  4. Great job Katie, keep it up!

  5. Brilliant Katie.

  6. Thanks Shelley, Frankie, Diana, Liz and Esme ♥

  7. All those things you thought you were doing because that kept you healthy. And now you have wirtten this list doesn't it show you how much healthier you can be without it!

    And now you get to love your life too. xoxoxox