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Monday, 14 April 2008

T Minus 41

Weight : 57.4 kg
Exercise : Lower Body + Spin class
1 hour 31 min : 878 calories : 164 max hr : 135 average hr

I had the whole weekend off training as I was very very sick with a cold. Coach gave me special permission to rest.

Back at the gym this morning for legs and spin class. I have had severe lower body DOMs after Friday's session so it was actually good to work out the pain. I thought I was going easy this morning so I was surprised by the huge calorie burn.

Weigh in yesterday showed no loss and no gain with a slight decrease in BF% (13.1%). Being sick, having DOMs and being 4 days away from TTOM are probably all to blame. I am not concerned as I am happy to be low 57's with 6 weeks still to go. Besides, I am sure snot weighs at least half a kilo!

Having said that, Coach wants me at goal weight in 4 weeks so that we can make any adjustments in the last 2 weeks so I will have to pull my finger out in order to lose 3 kilos in 4 weeks. So from today, I am going to be super strict, eat properly (no sneaking protein bars/sweet potato on Paleo day) and exercise at full velocity. I am feeling better so hopefully it is all smooth sailing from here on in.

Except that I forgot to pack my tuna today ... so I have salad and no protein for lunch. I will have to get something meaty from the work canteen - YUK!

Only 4 more days until we get the internet at home again. Thank goodness, it will be great to have my routine back. Although I suspect I will need all weekend to catch up on the hundreds of posts sitting in my G00gle reader.

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  1. do u still want me on comp day.. we better catch up to organise it soon!!!