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Saturday, 3 May 2008

T minus 22

Weight: 55.1kg (121.2lbs)
Yesterday's food:You have used 1403 out of your net daily budget of 1400 calories and have -3 calories remaining. 21% of the calories are from fat, 42% from protein, 37% from carbs
Exercise : Lower body + Lactate Threshold Run
1 hour 15 min : 648 calories : 171 max hr : 131 average hr

Lately, every Saturday morning is like Christmas. I wake up without the alarm and lie in bed secretly excited. Then I get up, wander to the bathroom and go to the toilet. I look in the mirror - yes, I look leaner than yesterday.

I slowly strip off my singlet and knickers and take off my watch. I turn on the lights. I pull the scales out from next to the toilet and place them in the same spot they go every morning in the middle of the bathroom floor. I take a deep breath and step on.

The cat steps on as well. I kick her off and start again. She won't leave me alone so I shoo her out of the bathroom and shut the door ignoring her howls of complaint.

Another deep breath, and I step on the scales.

I wait for the final beep to tell me all is completed and then look down. I am hideously short sighted so I squint at the number. I think it is a 55 but from here it could just as easily be a 58. I lean down to get a clearer look. No, that can't be right - 55.1kg - that is almost a kilo gone this week.

I run up the hallway naked and grab my camera out of my bag. It is freezing and I am covered in giant goosebumps. I sprint back to the bathroom.

This time I jump on quickly, I don't want the number to change. It doesn't. I take a photo and smile smugly to myself. Happy Christmas Katie ... you still have three whole weeks to meet Liz's target of 54kgs. I know I can do it ... easy peasy :)

I have developed a peanut butter habit. I reckon cavemen made peanut butter by squishing the peanuts under their feet so it qualifies as Paleo food in my world. It appears to be the secret to fat blasting!


  1. Anonymous9:07 am

    Fantastic, so close to goal now. i'm sure you are getting really really excited about getting on stage to strut your stuff

  2. Hi Katie

    You are on fire girl! Congratulations - you deserve it so much for all your hard work. My first full paleo day today - wish me luck!

    Luv Shelley

  3. Peanut butter - awesome! Sometimes a little extra dietary fat seems to help blast away body fat. Weird.

    You'll hit your target, no problem at all. Can't wait to see some comp photos!

  4. You are such an inspiration! You are so focussed all the time... I am really impressed!

    My cat likes the scales too, and hates being shut out of the bathroom :)

  5. Bloody amazing!

  6. Woohoo. Excellent work Katie :-)


  7. I'm made of peanuts, seriously, I eat at least 2 oz of nuts every day, it's like 20% of my cal intake.

    Fat eating = fat losing