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Saturday, 8 November 2008

8-Nov Weigh In

63.7 kg
Loss this week = .1kg
Loss so far = .1kg

Thank god I still have nicotine to get me through this pathetic result for a week where I averaged only 1309 calories a day (not including Sunday which was a nasty binge day). I hate to think what I would have eaten today if I was feeling like I was yesterday.

But, for better or worse, I am back to normal and I am none too bothered. I know that I have lost some of my spare tire, I can tell the difference, and the scales will catch up. The main think is that I look better this Saturday than I did last Saturday and I am back into the grove. Six days totally on plan without feeling any need to cheat.

Although I miss my carbolicious friends, I don't miss the gnawing hunger they bring with them. Lots of protein pancakes, chicken, nuts, cheese, yogurt, veges and peanut butter for me which keeps me pleasantly satisfied without huge hunger spikes.

Now if I could just find some L@dybird Crunch, my life would be complete. How can the entire country be out of stock since August???


  1. Hey sexy minx... You can have my ladybird crunch in 5ish weeks - I don't like it and it just sits in my cupboard -but until then I can't help sorry :) Good work with the scales - I am having a couple of days off - the scales that is! Will get back on in a couple of days and and hoping for a pleasant surprise. Lots of hugs and kisses to you Nicole xxxxxx

  2. The Ladybird Crunch crisis is a scandal and there ought to be a Royal Commission into the whole affair. I mean, really - what are all those politicians in Canberra DOING? *harrumph!*

    I'm down to about a quarter of a container. Boohoo!

  3. Hmm whats this Ladybird Crunch you speak of? Have a good day!

  4. I am so missing my Crunch - its a travesty

  5. Go for Zyban!!!! It sooooo works!!!
    I smoked for 33 years and after 1 week on Zyban.. good bye to cigs FOREVER!!!!
    Just the smell of them now makes me embarrassed that I ever smoked.... yes I gained weight but that's gone now and I could not imagine going back to smelling like that!!!