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Friday, 22 May 2009

UD 2.0 Weigh In 22 May

[Sorry about the blurry photo]

A 1 kilo increase from fully dehydrated and depleted comp weight. Compared to my weigh in from my last proper cycle (1 May = 57.1kg - before I did 10 days straight of low carb and then did only a restricted re-feed) I am 1.1 kgs down. I am happy with that. I am now eating 100g carbs a day on my 'low carb' days so I expect I am also holding a bit more water in my muscles than previously. My muscles certainly look much fuller and more defined.

I am looking forward to my date tonight with Mr KatieP. We are going to Bite Me at Star City and I intend to have a couple of mini burgers with chips. Hurry up tonight!!

PS - Shelley - I just had Fluff on my pancakes OMG!


  1. The burgers look tasty. Weight can fluctuate a pound or two depending on water. I wouldn't worry too much.

  2. Wooo hoo!!! Doing well Miss Katie. I'm jealous of your date tonight. Your menu reminded me of my awesome Groovetrain burger, OMG that was orgasmic!! Hope yours is the same!

  3. Oh and thanks - I haven't yet said that for taking the comp pics which Shelley forwarded on to me. Muchly appreciated.

    Actually - on facebook, check out the Bodizone page, there's pics from comp day of some divisions - and you're some of them :)