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Saturday, 25 July 2009

Help I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up

The trouble with staying lean is that it is as boring as f*ck.

Nearly every day since May, I have been waking up to the audible hunger signals from my stomach, sitting in front of Blogger and coming up with ... zip. I didn't have any interesting after binge symptoms to tell you about (like when your eyes are so puffy you look like you've been crying for a week) nor could I tell you about my latest victory on the scale (because that 0.1kg loss is so absolutely riveting!).

So in the interests of resuming normal transmissions, I have unintentionally sat on my arse all week and accidentally stuffed pizza and corn chips down my throat nearly every night.

My brain has been totally absorbed in discovering how to be an online millionaire, and I have been writing like a madwoman instead of getting enough sleep. I am so absorbed in my harebrained scheme that I would rather keep plotting and planning than go to the gym. It appears that if you take your eye off the ball (would that be a Fit Ball?) for more than a few seconds, you end up in a wee bit of trouble.

So yes - I've fallen in a hole and I can't get up because at the moment I don't mind it down here. I am having a bit of a rest.

When you've been around the whole fat loss thing for as long as I have, you expect times like these at some point. It is a bit like a marriage. Sometimes you can't keep your hands off each other and at other times you wish you could push him in the harbour and live alone with your cat. It is just the cycle of relationships.

Enthusiasm comes and goes. Perfectionism is impossible. And most importantly -- it is just a bit of fat for f*ck's sake. It's fixable ... I'll get on to that ... just as soon as I finish writing this post.


  1. Hi Katie!

    I have been a lurker here for a bit of a while, - I find your blog and achievements and writing style very interesting!

    You look bloody awesome, very fit, lean, great muscle tone as well by the way! I reckon even the starting photo in the black isn't too bad either, - nice hourglass figure!

    The physique thing amongst the fitness and lifestyle thing I'm striving for is to stay in control, stop bingeing, get and keep under about 25% BF and skinfolds under 100mm across 8 sites as a thing to get to and maintain!

    Great blog!


  2. Hi Katie you made me laugh...thank you!

  3. Cheers Katie for your response on my blog! After many start, stop attempts and ALMOST getting to target, then slipping bad, tomorrow is gonna be the start of FOREVER change, I mean it, you have helped inspire it!

    I should have, 90% planned to start today, no excuses but I was a bit hungover from a party, bought a laptop, it's Saturday and I realised I had one more day up my sleeve I could get away with before cracking down on the 100 day challenge before holiday. Anything to put off realising how much cardio fitness I've lost and fat I've gained hey! CAN'T from tomorrow! No excuses, action tomorrow (26 July till 2 Nov) for the 100 days! I leave for holiday and bridesmaid excursion 3 Nov! My sis's wedding is on 14 Nov! Between now and then I need to lose 12kg at least I reckon, 16 weeks so need to work quite hard and would feel great if I felt in control and happy with my choices the whole time!

    Come along for the ride! Just about to update my blog now!

  4. LOL, I know all about the perils of being sucked in by the internet. Working from home, I find it easy to get distracted. Then I get behind on work and my sleep and training suffers while I try to catch up. Well it used to anyway. Trying to change that now...

  5. I love it :) You're always perfect :)