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Thursday, 23 July 2009

Well Hello Lurkers 2009 Edition

I was trawling through old blog posts last night and discovered that the post that got the most comments ever was Hello Lurkers exactly one year ago today.

Since an entire year has past, me and Izzy are overdue for some bloggy love.

If you read this site and have never or rarely commented, today is your special day. Readers who regularly comment are welcome as always.

If you can't think of anything to say, answer the following question : What is your rare and special talent?

Izzy says her rare and special talent is cat blogging. Mine is having gigantic calf muscles I've never trained the desire to constantly seek knowledge and truth. What is yours?


  1. I comment always but just want to say "Hi Izzy - Mummy still feeding you yolks?"

    Another day in paradise awaits you babe - have an awesome one.

  2. I'm a lurker...sorry to be creepy!

    Rare talent??? Hmmm it's not a talent but I have natural red hair that I have never dyed. In this day in age I think that's pretty rare.

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  4. Another lurker putting up her hand.

    Strangely enough I also have impressive calf muscles without even trying lol.

    Other than that, I'm still searching for my rare & special talent.

  5. my rare and special talent is my ability to eat more food than most guys i know...however i am not sure how i would stand against a bunch of body builders :)

  6. Hi - not sure if I am a lurker but I don't comment often.

    My rare and special talent is I believe that a positive can be found in all situations. (I just sometimes forget that, though less often lately)

  7. I'm a lurker too :) And hey, there's someone with the same name as me on this comments page, I was sure I hadn't commented yet!

    My rare and special talent is being extremely flexible. This really helps me in rockclimbing when I can do all sorts of climbs that stronger people struggle with!

  8. Anonymous9:30 am

    Caught out, I'm a blog lurker here too.
    Hmmmm my talent is cooking. I love making things from scratch. I don't think cooking is a rare talent but hey! Other than that I always want to know why we are here/born/what is our purpose for being here....

  9. Hi Katie,

    I really enjoyed our catch up the other week!

    The first talent that comes to mind is my ability to sleep anywhere no matter whats going on around me. Think it comes from growing up with 5 siblings.


  10. Anonymous10:12 am

    Love your favicon! :)

  11. I'm just a regular old stalker....Hi Izzy!

  12. I confess. I am a regular lurker...

  13. Count me in as a lurker too:)
    Hi Katie!