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Sunday, 13 September 2009

100 Day Challenge - Day 51 - Recap and Prepare for the Pirates Council

Phase Five Recap -- Mutiny
If you missed Phase One you can find it here.
If you missed Phase Two you can find it here.
If you missed Phase Three you can find it here.

If you missed Phase Four you can find it here.

Day 59 - The Struggle
Have you resolved the struggle between the opposing forces inside of you?

Day 58 - Wordless Sunday
What does your week look like in pictures?

Day 57 - Issuing the Right Commands
Does your crew understand what you need when the winds are blowing?

Day 56 -Re-Invent the Past - Mid Point Challenge
Did you go back to something in the past you had forgotten about that gave you pleasure?

Day 55 - I can't get no Satisfaction
Do you prefer big meals or small? Are you connected with your hunger?

Day 54 - Walk the Plank
Have you walked the plank yet?

Day 53 - What Would You do if it Wasn't Impossible?
If you didn't want something that felt impossible, what would you just get on and do?

Day 51 - I Haven't Forgotten
Did you spend all your weekend making a new friggin' blog template with your new computer? I didn't think so!

Day 51 - Prepare for the Fifth Pirates Council
Day 60 marks the completion of Phase Five and the fifth Pirates Council. This post (the one you are reading now) reviews the highlights of this phase. You can catch up now if you have missed anything.

Tomorrow I will post my official Phase Five check in. If you are finishing Phase Five with me, or are close enough then you can add your information by commenting ON TOMORROW'S POST (it will help me if it is all in one place):

Check in information is:
  • your milestones - e.g. weight loss, inches/cm lost, days without bingeing, physical improvements
  • your victory over the Pirate of Powerlessness
  • your intention for the next 10 days
Day 50 - See you tomorrow at the Pirate Council for Phase Five and the start of Phase Six - Leaky Boat.

Heave Ho Me Hearties ... We're half way through ♥

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